Friday, October 23, 2009

MTA EF auctions off its members

The Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation (MTAEF) auctioned off lunch with a host of famous and not-so famous technical analysts on eBay. Here is a screen capture from Bloomberg:

You'll have to click it to read it but basically the top fetcher was Robert Prechter. Someone paid $7000 (seven grand) for the privilege of taking him to lunch and they still have to pay for the lunch!

Who says technical analysis is not part of the market's mainstream?

The reason for the auction was to raise money for the foundation to help in its effort to establish "for credit" technical analysis courses at the university level. You would be surprised to learn just how many universities already offer them.

Here is the link to the fundraiser, which will take place at Baruch College in NYC (where the MTA library now resides).

Speakers will include:
  • Robert Barbera, Ph.D.; Executive Vice President & Chief Economist at ITG, Investment Technology Group
  • John Mendelson; Senior Vice President, Market Analysis at Potomac Research Group
  • Jason Trennert; Managing Partner & Chief Investment Strategist at Strategas Research Partners
  • Louise Yamada, CMT; Managing Director of LYA
  • Edward Yardeni, Ph.D.; President of Yardeni Research, Inc

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