Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Facebooking instead of blogging

By now, you've noticed the blog has been really sparse in terms of regular updates. I hope you have seen the scrolling window to the right --> with updates fed from my Facebook page. There are always several updates per day there.

My question for all with a focus on people using social media for business is whether you find the same redundancy I now see. I use my Facebook status pretty much like Twitter with quick bits of information, links and charts. Further, it gets sent over to my LinkedIn account for even wider distribution.

I get the feeling this kind of communication is saturating intended targets making it all less valuable. Personally, I do not follow anyone on Twitter. Most of the time they reference links to stories which I do not have time to read. Or, they tweet so much that I have to sit there watching a live data feed to keep up. Nobody with a job has time for that.

Oh, and I am talking about just following one person. What if I follow the hundreds that I see many others follow. Noise, noise, noise.

I like doing the Facebook updates although I am also guilty sometimes of posting links. But I do post charts and I do make quick market comments (such as yesterday's "oil services stocks look sickly.")

Let me know how I can interact with all of you so it is not 1) boring or 2) noise. Keep in mind that I am not going to cannibalize my pay service to do it.


Thomas said...

The only issue with relegating the bulk of your material to the Facebook postings is that I would imagine a great portion of your readership is locked behind their company's firewalls and the Facebook website is the first one on the block list. As such, many could only read your work at home during off-work hours and many of us try to keep our personal lives as free from financial markets as possible if it's part of our 7am-7pm weekly work schedule. Many of us will therefore never see the bulk of your writings (especially now that you're behind the wall over at Barron's). This is somewhat of a shame.

Michael Kahn said...

Good point. Fortunately, the Facebook posts do come over the to blog. They are harder to read if they are long but there are available. i don't think that is it considered "Facebook" once it hits the blog site.

patrick neid said...

Facebook works because of the News Feed.

bmbull said...

I have to believe that those of us that are not Facebook members are missing out. I know, I know -- isn't EVERYBODY on Facebook?


Amalan said...

I found the blog much more valuable than Facebook updates. The problem with FB updates is that they are too small to convey anything of meaning or force you to think more to argue the point. They are all just flights of thought or data that perhaps shows your mindset for the moment but doesn't provide justification. Blog was more thought out, and allowed for discussion..and forces you to be cohessive, because you probably won't write more than once a day.

Michael Kahn said...

Let me ask you guys (gals?) something:

What if my column were a blog instead of behind a large corporate website? How does that change the game? What if I threw in "Chart of the Day" with real trade advice and packaged the whole thing with other newsletter goodies?