Friday, September 18, 2009

Why I am pulling all my business from Chase

JPMorganChaseWamuBankOneBearStearns pulled some crap on me this week and although this megacorp is one of the few financial companies still raking it in they make a good example of how a huge corporation fails to serve its customers.

Through mergers, I know have three personal accounts, three personal credit cards, one business account, one business credit card and one home equity loan with Chase. That's a lot of "relationships," as they love to say. Yes, it is still small change in the greater scheme of things but I generate enough deposits and interest payments to make it worth their while to have me as a customer.

I won't bore you with what they did - or should I say did not do - that is making me take all of my accounts and loans elsewhere. The point I want to make is that as I went up the chain of command from teller to officer to manager to central customer support to supervisor there was absolutely no flexibility on how they were going to fix the problem.

Before ending the call with the supervisor I asked, "so when I take my accounts elsewhere is there going to be someone there who cares?"

Think about this - nobody seems to have a vested interest in my business. Even the Dunkin Donuts shop down the block bent over backwards to fix an order error that actually cost him money. And we are talking about a customer who spends just a few dollars a week there. I pay Chase many hundreds in mortgage interest each month let alone what the deposits might generate for them.

I can take my business elsewhere but nobody will see a demerit on their record for it. Not the branch. Not the company. Not the loan officer.

I liked the branch I used - and it was Washington Mutual - as they knew me and provided excellent and friendly service. Their tellers were creative in solving any problem I had and I felt good banking there. Enter Chase and the place is now a cookie cutter, by the book robot.

Too big to fail? Oh, they will, at least as a retail bank. But then again, maybe that was their plan. Scoop up WAMU for nothing and use their assets to make sweetheart deals elsewhere.

Silly American taxpayer, we don't give a @#$%^


Ron Sen, MD, FCCP said...

1) Citimortgage turned a recent home closing I was at into a 6 hour ordeal

2) I took the proceeds (as POA) from the mortgage to set up an account with BAC. They wouldn't accept the POA. I took it to a local cooperative bank...which was glad for the business.

You can't make this stuff up.

Michael Kahn said...

Its funny that so many banks are failing since they seem to be small local types. We can't go there and we are not welcome at the big boys. Maybe there is a technical analyst credit union somewhere for me.