Friday, December 23, 2011

The Year That Really Wasn't

Oh there was plenty of action but if you look at where the stock market was at the end of last year even your saving account interest might have beaten it.

Oh, it looks like a rally this month but the current price is pretty much where it was at the end of November.

And November, which came in like toxic waste and left on a Justin Bieber high - guess what? Just about the same price as when October ended.

Remember that monster October rally? Well it left things where they were in when we last serenaded jolly old St Nick.

So, for the August "crash" and the Japanese tsunami dip and the pre-Halloween "the financial system did not collapse" melt-up 2011 looks to be leaving us where it found us.

A Happy and Merry to all! I am not sure if I'll have anything to post here on the blog during the final week of the year so keep tabs on the Facebook page. And if you want to give me a little end of year gift, how about "liking" it?  It's just a little click over there on the right side of this very page.

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