Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nickle and Dime Airlines

Just booked a flight on JetBlue. While they still let me check one suitcase for free (the second will cost 20 bucks) they charged me an extra 60 bucks per round trip to sit in one of the "expanded legroom seats. Most of know that the exit row seats have more room and compete to book them. JetBlue is charging extra for them and even added a few more non-exit rows with more legroom.

Guess what? I paid it. Think of it like a mini-business class seat on a coach flight. And since I am flying cross country, it seems worth it to me.

What will those zany airlines think up next? I'll be buying my own food, checking only one bag, bringing my own headphones and I booked it online without the help of any humans. What's next, a fee to use the head? How about a fee for a more experienced pilot?


Anonymous said...

Cash is worthing less now! The living cost is getting higher and higher! Have a good day!

A small potato who lives in Far-East!

Anonymous said...

What are you complaining about ? The last time i flew the flight attendent said to me "Why don't you be a nice boy & go outside & play."

T.C.B. said...

What are you going to do all the trading profits.
Take them to the grave?

Michael Kahn said...

I actually looked into a charter once. Way too rich for my non-Rockefeller blood. First class would be a better value.

But I have to tell you, between packed planes, security and now fees I am choosing to fly less and less.